We came together in 2015 to share our expertise and knowledge in working with stories. We are active in many fields – from initiating and facilitating change in organizations to e-learning and knowledge management. We are marketeers, facilitators, story wizards and event specialists.

What we do: The Beyond Storytelling network is a space to learn, share and connect. To grow and share our knowledge and experiences. We meet regularly at BeyondStorytelling Retreats and virtually to work on specific topics.

BEYOND STORYTELLING NETWORK is a cooperation between like-minded narrative experts and practitioners. The goal is to advance the theory and practice of working with stories in organizations, communities and with individuals. The BEYOND STORYTELLING NETWORK organizes events, trainings, workshop and seminars and serves as a hub for consulting assignments.

BEYOND STORYTELLING NETZWERK ist eine Kooperation zwischen Experten und Praktikern narrativer Methoden und Storytellings. Ziel des Netzwerkes ist die Weiterentwicklung der Theorie und Praxis der Arbeit mit Geschichten in Organisationen, Communities und mit Einzelpersonen. BEYOND STORYTELLING veranstaltet Events, Trainings, Workshops und Seminare und dient als Plattform für Beratungsaufträge der beteiligten Partner.