Tell the story. Or it will tell you: How you can use personal memoir to re-author your future.

Rhea Wessel, an American writer and story consultant, will lead a three-part workshop on how personal memoir can be used to re-author futures. She will also share her five-step methodology for re-writing your own story.

In the first 30-minute segment, Rhea will present what’s going on in the personal memoir space, namely the work being done by the StoryCenter in Berkeley. Participants will see and analyze examples of digital storytelling that are stories of personal change.

In the second segment, participants will have a chance to write about what’s on their minds. Rhea will lead a Story Circle and some participants will get feedback from the group about their writing/stories.

In the last segment, Rhea will present her own five-step methodology for re-writing your own story and open up the floor to Q&A about how that methodology could be applied at organizations and companies.