Key Notes: We invited inspiring voices of the field to share their visions and ideas to work with stories towards change. The key notes will provide a shared language to explore narrative approaches to change, foster our understanding for the power of stories and serve as a kickstarter to spark conversation and joint exploration.

Narrative Knowledge Space: On saturday, we have the opportunity to dive deeper into the application of narrative approaches to different fields of practice. In the narrative knowledge space we will share, collect and harvest our stories to develop a deeper understanding about how we can work with and inspire change through narrative approaches. While strutured in the methods used, the contents of these narrative knowledge session will be open to the input of all participants. This session will be facilitated by Christine Erlach, a knowledge management specialist.

  • Participants can present and introduce their own tools and methods in working with stories
  • Participants can propose topics for working / discussion session
  • Build a network, share your practices, work on your topics

Visual Facilitation: During the two days, we will be supported by a Jara von Luepke, a visual facilitator and artist, who will record key messages and insights and stimulate our conversations and harvesting with her stunning art!