What is our story to tell? Using a narrative approach to re-connect and to re-author an organization’s story for growth – a real business case

How to re-connect with a grown organization and to learn about the narratives that form the organizational culture at the same time? Has the organization’s identity (core story) changed during the last years of strong growth – and if yes, how? And last but not least: How does the organization’s core story might have to change in order to enable further growth? What story should be told to potential new employees?

These were questions that led me when I re-entered 4flow AG in December 2017, which I already joint from 2001-2011 (the organizations ‘start-up’ phase). 4flow is now an internationally operating company (500 employees at 14 offices around the globe) with an extraordinary growth in the last years and ambitious plans for further growth. As Head of Global HR I am asked to support and enable further growth especially in terms of recruitment of highly qualified employees. Having the chance to talk to different 4flow team members in my first weeks I used a narrative approach to find answers to my questions as a base for next steps and measures.

In this workshop

  • you will be shortly introduced to the chosen narrative approach and my hypothesis
  • you will learn about results and insights on my way
  • you are invited to discuss interpretations and further use of the results – what is possible, what makes sense?
  • We will reflect chosen approach and methodology

Workshop Host: