Beyond Storytelling 2020 will be about the intricate and intimate relationship between story and power.

It will be about the power of story to make our jaws drop and to take away our breath. About the power of story to inspire new action and to heal old wounds. It is about the power of story to seduce and transform. The power to see the world with different eyes and to re-invent the world and the organizations we live in.

At the same time it is about story as a powerful tool to deconstruct practices of power and to reflect discursive fields – the stories we life by. It is about the question which stories are told and which voices are heard. It is about the power to define the starting point of a story and where it ends. About the power to decide who is part of the story and who is excluded.

And it is about how narratives that are invisible because they are taken for granted shape what we deem possible or impossible. Finally it is about how we can find the stories that carry the power to challenge a status quo in which the outlook into the future seems bleak.

It is about daring to tell new stories.