With POWER OF STORY | STORIES OF POWER we are hosting the 4th edition of BEYOND STORYTELLING in 2020. Beginning in 2017 we hosted an event each year starting in Heidelberg and moving through Hamburg to a small village in Austria for a new – and so far our wildest – format.

Hosted by a dedicated core team and together with a global, vibrant community of storyworkers from all fields, we continue to explore the edges of the field of narrative work in organizations, communities and beyond. On this page we invite you to explore our conferences and the StoryCamp Lingenau. Enjoy the journey with us!

Our first conference in Heidelberg 2017 grew out of a book project on narrative work and storytelling in organizations. In a transdisciplinary setting workshops, key notes and open sessions explored the many ways in which we can work with stories in organizations. The field of contributors already spanned the globe and different professions, adressing topics ranging from leadership to brand strategy, from knowledge management to designing and narrating change journeys.

Setting up in Heidelberg, the raw atmosphere of a start-up hub served as the backdrop to an artful and joyful exploration of the field of narrative work in organizations and beyond. Given the beautiful and positive resonance from the community of participants, we had no choice in continuing our journey. Find more information on the program and the contributors to BEYOND STORYTELLING 2017 here.

With the theme "Re-Authoring Futures" we questioned, probed and explored narrative approaches in working with the future in organizations and communities. True change and innovation rests on our ability to re-imagine and re-author the futures we want to live into – to open new perspectives and new ways of thinking, being and doing.

We further explored ways to deepen our understanding of the topic: a series of interviews and writings before the conference provided the basis for a wonderful reader and rich online content we published under the header “Mapping the field”.

With contributors and participants from the Americas, Asia and Europe, we further fostered our international network and community and strengthened the transdisciplinarity of the conference. See the whole program here.


After our first two (non-) conferences in Heidelberg and Hamburg we didn’t want to be in bondage of a dominant scaling narrative. Instead we were searching for an additonal format that allows us to dive deeper into specific topics of our profession and provide to ourselves and accomplices in the field a free space to reflect, co-create together and inspire each other.

Therefore we designed a small and delicate 4-day-research-format in LINGENAU/Austria 2019 as an exciting opportunity for all participants to dive deeper and expand their thinking and practices. Together with 50+ story workers from around the globe we explored the many ways in which we work with and through stories in different fields: from politics to poetics, from marketing to documentary films, from knowledge management to organizational constellations.

The two days have been rich in content, connection and creativity. As in the last years, we harvested some of the topics, themes and impressions from our time together.