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Chené Swart at the L&D Talks in Brussels

Our dear colleage Chené Swart is presenting at the L&D talks in Brussels on October 19.

In the morning she´ll give a masterclass, followed by a key note in the afternoon:

Masterclass: Transforming learning and development through narratives, human dignity, meaning and re-authoring

Human beings have two amazing capacities that we frequently employ but are rarely aware of, the capacities to make meaning and to make story. As we make meaning of our lives we weave these meanings into narratives that shape and maintain who we are, how we relate and how we see the world.

But these narratives do not fall from the sky, they are crafted, maintained and sustained in a world of ideas about success, a world of constant measurement in various forms and a world where isolation from one another often sets us up in competition with one another.

Re-authoring practices invite individuals, teams and organisations to employ these meaning-making and story-making capacities in a way that provides people with a foundation for new initiatives, to stretch their minds and to continue to learn, develop and tell stories within their various organisational contexts as authors of their own narratives and co-authors of team and organisational narratives.

In this interactive masterclass, you will be invited to experience these practices and ideas while you learn about them. We will consider the following questions:

What implications do our meaning-making capacities and story-making capacities have for how we learn and how we see the development of people in organisations?

How can we create learning contexts and experiences where human dignity is the ground from where leaning and development grows?

What is re-authoring practices and how can we employ it in learning and development design and processes?

This workshop is recommended for all professionals who want to co-create learning and development contexts that value human dignity and create community through meaning-making and narratives.

Key Note: Unothering the other, a narrative diversity and inclusion lens on learning and development

As a South African citizen, I come from a country where diversity is a given, a country of 11 official languages and many more cultural expressions. I have had the privilege to journey with various organisations in diversity and inclusion journeys which has been as wild and wonderful as the beloved country I call home.

We live in a world where the “other” be it in age, gender, sexual orientation, race, privilege, class and ability has often become the enemy or the stranger by mere difference. Our narratives of the other has been shaped and formed by our various contexts, experiences and relationships and when employees enter the workspace, these narratives enter with us, even beyond what we think about inclusion and equality, respect and dignity.

This interactive session will explore the skills that you will need as a learning and development professional to create environments in organisations to learn and develop both the capacity to unother the other as well as lead and develop teams and organisations that can harvest the gifts of diversity and employ the practices of welcome that lead to inclusion.