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Re-Authoring Diversity Conversations

Our colleague Chené Swart will host an online conversation around Re-authoring ideas and Diversity & Inclusion on the 8th of December in collaboration with the Caspersen Therapy Centre in Minneapolis, USA.

The workshop will be hosted from 9h00 to 16h30 Central time (USA), which means it will take place from 17h00 to 00h30 South African time and 16h00 to 23h30 European Central time.

Here is more information: Website for event // facebook event

Within the narrative approach, human beings are seen as meaning-makers who make sense of their individual and communal lives through narratives. These narratives are very powerful as they shape and maintain who we are, how we relate and how we see and interact with the world. Narratives are however crafted within a particular context and time and supported by taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs endorsed by people who are perceived to have power and authority. 

Diversity and inclusion work that grows from the narrative approach understands that the realities about and practices toward people who are different from us in terms of race, gender, age, culture, language, etc. are shaped and maintained through narratives. These realities about the “other” are organized and maintained through narratives that are legitimized by our claims that our own version of reality of the “other” is true and sometimes the only truth. We end up with competing narratives about one another, all claiming to be the right and true description of the “other”. These competing narratives result in the discrimination, conflicts, wars, violence, xenophobia and genocides we have come to take as the way things are. 

How do we re-author these narratives and ultimately our relationships with the “other” in a way that takes us forward in our organizations and communities?  Re-authoring diversity and inclusion conversations hold our differences with a respectful openness of the alternative story of inclusion of the “other” within the context of re-dignification of the “other”.

AUTHOR BIO: Dr. Chené Swart is a published author and works across the world with individuals, businesses, and civil society organizations as a trainer, executive coach, and consultant. She translated the narrative ideas for the organizational context and applies the re-authoring approach in co-constructing alternative preferred narratives that guide personal, communal and organizational agency, new ways of thinking and doing, and transformed lives. She specializes in organizational transformational processes and the role leadership plays in shifting hearts, mindsets, narratives and practices towards the organization’s preferred future.

***Earn up to 6 CEUs with this program!*** 

Regular Registration, $169, Early Registration rate of $149 ends Nov 17 

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