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Conjectural Futures Conference

Better life for all – or disaster?

Different perspectives are needed to map the future in all conceivable, pleasant and dystopian facets. Varied teams are needed to map the diverse positions to what is possible. The Corporate Foresight Teams of Evonik and Deutsche Bahn invite you to come to Berlin on 5th and 6th of November 2018. Together, we design and discuss radical visions of the future and unconventional future scenarios for companies as well as for society, and set the starting point for the cross-industry open foresight network “Conjectural Futures”.

Yannis Angelis from the Beyond Storytelling core team and Susanne Conrad from the BST Network are invited to offer a highly interactive workshop entitled: “Storytelling and Foresight: Increasing stakeholders’ engagement and sense- making”

What future could be more challenging than the future that doesn’t include me? In this future, if I am going to be replaced by cleverer than me machines, how will I be transformed? How could I make better sense of any future that it is “out there” for me?

On an individual level, these are burning questions, which reflect the existing narrative of our world as it is portrayed and communicated by science, technology, foresight research and as it is amplified by the media.

Every foresight scenario is a call for action for change. A change that it will affect people, their lives and their environment. So, it is essential to explore in which way we could engage more and better those people? The future choices we offer become more meaningful when are built, seen and experienced under a narrative prism.

In this highly interactive workshop we will tap into those questions and learn methods that can support our “clients” to become more engaged and make sense of the various foresight scenarios that we develop. We will take real scenario cases and we will work on them with methodologies like the “I-stories” and transform these scenarios in more attractive an engaging formats.

On top, participants will experience and learn effectively to work with stories and storytelling in any kind of context even outside the foresight world.

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