Post-conference Masterclass:
Re-Authoring practices for and within organizations

An Introduction to Re-Authoring Practices – A two-day interactive Workshop after the conference. For those who want to dive deeper and refine their practices in working with stories.

  • Two-day interactive workshop on May 21 + 22, 2017
  • Get to know the re-authoring lens and practices for and within organizations
  • Support organizations and communities to understand and re-author the "stories they live by"
  • Facilitation by Chené Swart, executive coach, facilitator and author of "Re-Authoring the World"
  • Get a great deal in attending the conference and the post-conference masterclass

What is it about?

Stories are powerful.

They shape, maintain and create our realities and also shape who we are, how we relate to each other and who we can become – as individuals, organizations and communities.

The stories we are told, tell each other and the stories we live into every day have the power to open a world of possibilities or make us compliant with what we take for granted. When stories and meaning shift or change, it changes the way we live and work.

In this interactive 2–day workshop participants will experience how to work with stories to ignite change and transformation. Rooted in narrative therapy, this re-authoring approach is a powerful route to transformational work with communities and organizations.

This masterclass introduces the narrative lens and practices to better understand the stories and taken-for granted beliefs that keep us and our organizations stuck and to host conversations that enable individuals, groups and organizations

·      to identify culturally rooted taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs

·      to become conscious authors of the many narratives they are writing and living

Day one will focus on the lens and practices that help leaders, consultants and facilitators make sense and re-author narratives that get us stuck or do not take us forward.

Day two will focus on the experiences, rituals and practices that invite leaders, consultants and facilitators to consider alternative preferred narratives that take organisations, communities and leaders forward.

Throughout the two days, examples of the application of these ideas in organisational and communal contexts will be given. Participants will experience and practice methods and approaches to re-authoring conversations with individuals, teams and organizations.

Re-Authoring work invites us to take up the pen and start writing our lives and systems into preferred ways of being in this world.

Re-authoring the world, one story at a time!

Facilitated by Chené Swart:

Chené Swart is the founder of Transformations ( and works across the world with individuals, businesses, and civil society organisations as an executive coach and consultant. She has translated and applied the narrative approach and practices in the fields of coaching, consulting, organisational cultural transformation, diversity work, leadership development and work with women. Chené lectures internationally in various education programs on pre-graduate, postgraduate, diploma and MBA level and hosts re-authoring apprenticeship journeys with individuals and groups in Narrative ideas. Chené is the author of the book, Re-authoring the World and a contributing author to Dialogic Organization Development and Change: Theory and Practice; Leadership: Perspectives from the frontline and Beyond Storytelling.

Dates & Times:

May 21, 10:00 am – 6 pm, May 22, 9:00 am – 4 pm

What you will get out of the masterclass:

  • Overview and introduction to the narrative lens and practices
  • Get to know and apply practices to uncover, describe and understand dominant problem narratives
  • Learn to develop, enhance and sustain alternative preferred narratives
  • Cases and examples for application of these techniques in coaching, group processes, organizational development and community building
  • Get to know facilitation processes and techniques for re-authoring with groups, organizations and communities
  • Seminar material and readings (Re-authoring the world)

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for all who fulfil an individual- or team role within their organisations, institutions or communities such as: leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaching professionals, educators, social workers, facilitators of group-work, activists and healthcare professionals.

Pricing & Registration:

Total cost for participating in the post-conference masterclass is 650 € excl. VAT. For participants who also book the BEYOND STORYTELLING conference, we offer a discount of 25 %. Please register first for the conference and contact for the discount code after.

Registration runs through eventbrite:

Please let us now if you have any question: