Master Class with Joe Lambert
Stories Imagined – Scenario storytelling for Personal and Organizational Change

Key facts

  • Exploring processes of writing and creating short stories and media pieces projected 10 years into the future
  • Time and Duration: Thursday, June 7th 2018, 11:00 am – 06:00 pm
  • Costs: € 395 + VAT; € 295 + VAT if you are attending the BEYOND STORYTELLING Conference - Register
  • Location: Facts and Stories GmbH, Planckstr. 13, 22765 Hamburg

Purpose of the Masterclass

Participants of Stories Imagined will be introduced to the values and approach of StoryCenter the Berkeley-based organization that developed the field of Digital Storytelling and other story-based creative and organizational processes over their last 25 years of work.  This workshop will re-visit Joe Lambert’s 1997-2005 collaborations with the renowned scenario organization; the Institute for the Future and suggest a new approach for mining future stories for organizational visioning and development.

Who should attend?

Stories Imagined is for anyone, but would be of specific interest in professionals working in long term planning and development, advocacy, organizing, and service provision. 


11 am Introductions and Overview to Scenario Storytelling

11:45 am – Prompt 1 – Locating Your Values in a Place Called Home

12:00 noon – Trends and Contexts – Review of research-based assessments of emerging economic, social and technological trends

12: 20 pm - Prompt 2 -  Your Future Character

12:35 pm - Inside Out Writing – Approaches to Story and Storytelling

1:00 pm - Lunch

1:45 pm - Prompt 3 – Scene Building

2:00 pm - StoryCircles – Group Review Process and Refinement

3:30  pm - The Snapshot Story – 1-3 Image Media Making

3:45 pm - WeVideo Overview – Rapid Prototyping in Digital Video

4:00 pm - Production

5:00 pm - Sharing Stories

5:30 pm - Review and Implementation Questions


Background to StoryCenter

In the mid-1990s a group of artists and media professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area began to look at the ways emergent media technologies were going to affect storytelling.  A series of festivals, conferences and professional gatherings under the banner of Digital Storytelling worked to define new forms of storytelling for civic and commercial organizations, educators and social service professionals.  One trend was the development by Lambert and his colleagues of a workshop-based method of creating short personal films to be used in education, activism and human service applications.  That method was adopted by thousands of practitioners across the world as an effective way to engage local communities in story and media. StoryCenter’s work is deeply embedded in ethical concerns about representation, agency and local relevancy.

Joe Lambert

Joe Lambert is the founder and director of StoryCenter, but goes by the job description of Chief Listener and Storyteller.  Over the course of the last 25 years he has personally lead some 1200 workshops in six continents and more than 50 countries, and his organization has helped create over 30,000 digital films. He has lead dozens of large and small-scale programs and projects with many of StoryCenter’s more than 2000 clients. 

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Lambert was active in development of story projects with a number of companies, including Apple, Hewlett Packard, Proctor and Gamble, Tryg Baltica in Copenhagen, Kodak, and others.

He is author of Digital Storytelling; Capturing Lives and Creating Community and Seven Stages: Story and Human Experience, and numerous articles and curriculum. 

He has been active in the Bay Area arts community for the last 35 years as an arts activist, producer, administrator, teacher, writer, and director. In 1986, he co-founded Life On The Water, a successful nonprofit production company that served San Francisco's diverse communities.


Facts and Stories GmbH, Planckstr. 13, 22765 Hamburg


Registration and Ticketing

You can register via eventbrite or our registration system. If you registered for the BEYOND STORYTELLING conference, please choose the BST ticket.