Welcome to Beyond Storytelling!

Dear colleagues & friends
we are living and working in turbulent times. The political, social and economic landscape is shifting and we need to make sense of it. We gather data and information to understand, but as the philosopher Byung Chul Han said: data and numbers are additive, not narrative. But meaning rests on narration.

In our lives and in our organizations, orientation and inspiration comes through narration: the ability to pattern our experience in stories and narratives that speak to our minds, hands and hearts. That provide meaning and inspiration for our colleagues, clients and customers.
At BEYOND STORYTELLING we want to invite marketeers, change agents, knowledge workers and learning & development professionals to explore and experience the potential of narrative approaches and storytelling in organizations.
Why attend?
We believe that the combination of topics and talents that will come together in Heidelberg is unique in the field of narrative work and storytelling. Here are some reasons to attend:

  • Get to know best practices and case studies for the application of narrative methods in 12 + workshops
  • Be inspired by leading figures in the field of narrative work and storytelling
  • Familiarize yourself with state-of-the-art narrative approaches and methods for change, communication and learning in organizations
  • Get to know a new perspectives on organizations that helps you to address the deeper layers of sensemaking, visions and beliefs
  • Become part of a network of experienced storyworkers, consultants, communicators and change agents

We are so excited that we are live with the conference that we released discount codes worth 10% for the first 5 registrations. Just go to the registration page and use the code BEYONDSTORYTELLING (all caps). First come, first serve!

Curious? Get inspired!