Mapping the Field - The Swarm of Birds

I met Cornelia several years ago when, as keynote speakers, we shared the stage at a "Learning supported by Technology" conference on a topic related to the Future of Work and the Future of Workers. I admired the brightness of her thoughts and the openness of her mind regarding future possibilities and since then we are connected with mutual appreciation.

Cornelia Daheim is a foresight expert and consultant, founder and director of Future Impacts Consulting in Cologne, Germany. Since 2000, she has been leading foresight projects for several industries and policy fields. In the recent years, her topic focus is on the future of work, energy, mobility, future of food and societal change. In 2003, she founded and has since acted as Head of the Millennium Project’s German Node. She is also the President of the Foresight Europe Network. This is a network of Foresight practitioners, which promotes foresight work, builds strong bonds inside the foresight community and designs foresight projects. 

So the time came when a winter day, I decided to visit her in Cologne and ask for an interview on the topic of our conference: Re-authoring Futures. Please enjoy!

 A big thank you to Melina Garibyan @charmeundmelone from the Story Atelier @StoryAtCologne for shooting and editing the above video with a lot of care and fun.