Co-Creation and Community: BST 2019 STORY CAMP LINGENAU

Dear colleagues and friends of BEYOND STORYTELLING,

the planning for our Story Camp is in full flow. The locations for the communal dinners are fixed, we know where the bonfire will be burning on the third evening and the welcome package is ready to go into print. Tickets are nearly sold out and there are just a few places left. Make sure to get yours!

We thought that with the selection of Lingenau – a village on the border between Austria and Germany – we will have a more local event. This is not the case, as people from Chile, Pakistan, the Netherlands and Sweden also booked their tickets. As with all polarities, emphasizing one end of a scale often leads to unexpected events on the other end of the scale. We love it.

As hosts of the Camp (an open format as you know by now) we walk the "chaordic" path between buidling a frame and inviting everyone to co-create the content and the agenda. Such an open approach relies on the openness, the intentions and the aspirations we bring to it. Here, we share what makes us as BST core team so excited about the 2019 edition of BEYOND STORYTELLING

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