Future Story of Stories

Mary Alice Arthur – Moving beyond story as a tool for influence

Mary Alice continues her harvest of BEYOND STORYTELLING and expands her future story of story to collective sense making and story as a process companion.

Check out the full article on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/beyond-storytelling-2-second-wave-future-story-mary-alice-arthur

Mary Alice Arthur – 6 Perspectives How Stories Work – LinkedIn Pulse

A wonderful harvest by Mary Arthur Alice on linkedin. She reflects the 6 perspectives introduced during her keynote:

  1. Story as a leadership practice
  2. Seeing self and Story as positive Change Agents
  3. Story as a learning practice
  4. Story as a process partner
  5. Story as a resonance tuner
  6. Story as part of the art of practicing humanity

Enjoy the read and follow her on linkedin!