Let’s make “Lov-e & Car-e-osity” a blended model for organizational learning

In a technology-driven world, it has become evident that organizational learning couldn’t have stayed unaffected both by the hype and the need. This often challenges learning development experts to find ways to enhance learners’ engagement in a new digital, very often disruptive learning eco-system and to provide them with an overall meaningful experience.

            In this workshop you will be introduced to an e-learning engagement model where the different stakeholders interact with each other both in a physical and digital way sharing their stories and creating new ones for a digital journey. You will get familiar and work with concepts like the “Identifiable Victim Effect” from behavioral economics science and with stimulating tools like the “Bodystorming”.

            This workshop is for anyone who wants/likes to learn how to use a storytelling-based, participatory approach in any digital initiative they work on.