Mary Alice Arthur


Mary Alice is a Story Activist, working with story in service of positive systemic shift and for focusing collective intelligence on critical issues.  In plain speak, she creates spaces where the right story can take people into a flourishing future. Taking back the power of your own story is a foundation for your personal journey of transformation and a keystone in answering the question: “What is mine to do?”. 

She is inspired to work with large and small systemic stories that hold keys for a more generative future for everyone. She is also an internationally recognised process host, building capacity for people to host and harvest the conversations that matter and the stories that surround them in the systems they live and work in. She has worked as a consultant all over the world and is now based in Columbus, Ohio, in the US. She hosts a Facebook page called The Story Dojo. Mary Alice is a sought after process host and teaches participatory process all over the world as an international steward of the Art of Hosting.