Chené Swart

Chené Swart is author of the book Re-authoring the World: The Narrative Lens and Practices for organisations, communities and individuals. Chené is based in South Africa and works with individuals, businesses, and civil society organisations. She’s deeply involved in the project with tourism and travel. Chené offers training in Re-authoring work in Flanders, Denmark, South-Afrika and other parts of the world.

She is the founder of Transformations ( and works across the world with individuals, businesses, and civil society organisations as an executive coach and consultant. She has translated and applied the narrative approach and practices in the fields of coaching, consulting, organisational cultural transformation, diversity work, leadership development and work with women. Chené lectures internationally in various education programs on pre-graduate, postgraduate, diploma and MBA level and hosts re-authoring apprenticeship journeys with individuals and groups in Narrative ideas. Chené is the author of the book, Re-authoring the World and a contributing author to Dialogic Organization Development and Change: Theory and Practice; Leadership: Perspectives from the frontline and Beyond Storytelling