Other worlds possible – an introduction to Storydealing

Working with stories temporarily discards existing patterns and structures and brings an other, second reality into existence
– a parallel reality that is and is not there yet at the same time.
Storydealer Berlin

Stories are lived, before they are told – except of course in fiction.

Walking the line between art and intervention for years, our partners from Storydealer Berlin defined their unique approach to organizational and cultural change. Their work taps the intricate relationship between the factual and the imagined. They instigate change by involving groups and organizations in developing – and shortly after enacting – fictional scenarios, thus turning them into graspable collective experiences that mediate between the projected and the possible. They thus disrupt existing patterns of thinking, organising and behaving – allowing for new perceptions of what is and what could be to form.

Firmly grounded in the concept of action oriented learning, systemic thinking and relational approaches to art, they refined their concepts and interventions over the years and created processes and events for organizations in various fields. At BEYOND STORYTELLING they will present their unique approach and provide insights into their recent projects.

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Copyright Expedere / Storydealer

Copyright Expedere / Storydealer