Christian Riedel

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Every story needs a good start. Mine starts with Captain Kirk.

In the early nineties I started a spaceman career. At that time, every afternoon, right after school, I launched into space with the crew of the spaceship Enterprise. I was even a founding member of the local Star Trek fan club.

But stories have always been more than an escape from the small town I grew up in. I was even more fascinated by their magical power. The power to lead me into infinite and let me experience other people's lives.

Stories have given me the freedom to see the world through different eyes, to learn and to grow with them. Quickly I realized that I wanted to know how stories work and how to build them on my own. Stories that make growth possible.

Today, as a story architect and communications consultant, I help founders and marketing decision-makers to use the power of stories for their ideas, their brand and their growth. From the investor pitch, to the advertising campaign, to the long-term brand strategy, I support them in finding their stories and telling them captivatingly.

Until mid-2017, I was Head of Story & Brand at, where I was responsible for developing the core story, the messaging and storytelling of the brand. Since then I have been working freelance from Hamburg for start-ups, companies and agencies.

I studied media studies at the HBK Braunschweig, completed the Masterclass "Video-Game Studies" at the University of Tampere and the screenplay masterclass at the Filmschool Hamburg. In my spare time I am engaged in creative writing and won the German Short Crime Story Award in 2013. Besides I blog under growthbystory. de.