Rhea Wessel

Rhea Wessel is an American freelance writer based in Frankfurt, Germany. Besides writing for magazines, newspapers and companies, she also teaches digital storytelling workshops in which participants tell a personal story with images, music and voiceover.

Rhea Wessel.jpg

Using a story circle group process, she helps participants find the story they want to tell, craft that story into a script, and then turn it into a deeply personal 3-minute video.

Rhea believes that the act of telling a story that is ready and aching to be told can be healing or transformative.

For some people, the healing and transformation come through the distance they are able to get from an event that needs further processing. For others, telling the story and receiving feedback on it brings that story to new light.

In either case, Rhea considers it a gift and a privilege to be able to accompany people through the process of framing and telling a personal story.

For companies, Rhea offers workshops with a similar story-finding process. Narratives that we produce in an organizational setting can be used by leaders to illustrate important lessons learned (usually the hard way), to initiate change, or to inspire action.