Ivanina Reitenbach

Social Presencing Theatre meets Storytelling: Re-authoring futures through the body

Can our bodies tell stories? And how can we embody our future?

During this two hour experienced based introduction workshop, we will dive into the narrative world of our bodies.
Both on a personal and an organizational level we often find solutions for challenges based on our experiences from the past. Often we rely on our minds, disregarding the wisdom of our bodily experiences. The methods of the Social Presencing Theatre (SPT) enable us to learn from our future possibilities through the knowledge of our bodies. They show where individuals or groups are stuck today, where they could be going tomorrow, and what the real issues are in moving from here to there.

During the workshop you will experience individual and group embodied practices to enhance the perception of your own story as well as the stories of social systems.

Activating your embodied knowledge, you will gain new insights and find new expressions for challenges you or your community currently faces.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to use the body as a powerful tool for transforming current stories into future possibilities.