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Beyond Storytelling goes to the STORY THE FUTURE Summit

It is hard to believe that the storytelling journey started a couple of years ago with a highly motivated group of people who believe in the power of the narrative approach to creating better futures at organizations and companies. The group emerged to be a team of seven persons. The seven "Me" reflected in the mirror and became a "WE". Joanna and Yannis who are part of the BST team are happy to share the power of storytelling during the virtual summit, organized by Mary Alice Arthur, David Drake, David Hutchens, and Amy Lenzo. "The story the future" summit is a space to share practitioners' stories and address storytelling in different fields, starting with narrative coaching and ending with community building.


Joanna's presentation focuses on teambuilding with storytelling. She is going to concentrate on the chances and challenges multicultural teams are facing and address the myth of cultural standards, from the neuroscientific point of view. She is eager to enhance the exchange of stories among team members, to build bridges of understanding and empathy, which is crucial to establish the atmosphere of psychological safety.

Yannis discusses his "Disruptive Story-Work" method, which consists of individual and collective stories created through a serious game concept where disruptive interventions are used as ignitions and catalysts for new future stories to emerge. He elaborates on how a starting point of an individual and organizational transformation in the present creates through the personal stories, the path of a desired future that is likely more possible to take place, no matter the level of disruption that occurs.

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