BEYOND STORYTELLING is the conference on narrative work and storytelling in organizations. After a great first event in Heidelberg in 2017, we are moving to Hamburg for a second time.

The purpose of BEYOND STORYTELLING is to connect, inspire and facilitate the networking and knowledge sharing among the growing community of narrative pracitioners and experts.

With this years theme "Re-Authoring Futures" we want to question, probe and explore narrative approaches in working with the future in organizations and communities.

The future as a field of opportunity and possibility is disappearing. Instead, we are confronted with an image of the future that is marked by scarcity and a lack of choice.

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With "Re-Authoring Futures" we want to sharpen our senses for what is possible and invite to re-think our approaches and routes to alternative futures.
Futures that inspire hope, opportunity and possibility – in organizations and beyond.


True change and innovation rests on our ability to re-imagine and re-author the futures we want to live into – to open new perspectives and new ways of thinking, being and doing.

In our series "Mapping the field" we invited our key noters, colleagues and the BST Core team to share their thoughts:


  • connect with experts and practitioners working with stories in different fields – from marketing to change, from communication to knowledge management and organizational learning.
  • get to know state of the art narrative approaches and methods.
  • be inspired by 30+ workshops, key notes and interventions.
  • be part of a growing, trans-disciplinary community of narrative practioners.

Curious? – Be inspired!