An Invitation to Re-Authoring Practices

There are a great many reasons to be curious about BEYOND STORYTELLING.

Besides the awesome program we are building with our hosts, contributors and key note speakers, we are also planning events before and after the conference for those who want to dive deeper into specific topics and refine their practices in working with stories.

Enabling individuals, organizations and communities to re-write and re-author the stories they live by is a key for transformation. The Re-Authoring Lens and Practices are powerful to uncover the influence of socially constructed and culturally inherited beliefs and ideas– and create new and empowering alternative stories to support these transformations.

With her book “Re-Authoring the World” Chené Swart has translated ideas from narrative therapy into the realm of organizational and community transformation and defined a set of concepts and practices for facilitating change in organizations.

In her post-conference Masterclass “Re-Authoring Practices for and within Organizations” she will introduce the narrative lens and practices in a two-day interactive workshop. The Masterclass will address and answer questions like:

  • What do we do when we see conversations spiral into the same boring and divisive arguments and rhetoric?
  • How can we transport a group with us into unknown territories of thinking, listening and seeing?
  • How can we develop and hold alternative stories and exceptional moments long enough so we can ask questions of them and enrich them if they provide us with some clues about the future we want more of?
  • How can we become surprised and fascinated with these alternative moments so that they become companions into our alternative futures as new narratives that guide our hands, hearts and minds?

The Masterclass runs from Sunday, May 21, 10:00 am to Monday, May 22, 04:00 pm. Tickets are available for € 650 + VAT. Participants to BEYOND STORYTELLING conference get 25 % discount. We limited the tickets for this Masterclass to 15 to enable a good working atmossphere – so be quick in securing your spot.

PS: Limited Super Early Bird tickets for BEYOND STORYTELLING are available until January 1, 2017. They offer a 200 € discount compared with the regular price!