Narrative Brand Management & Strategic Story Conception

In a nutshell: This workshop seeks to sensitize participants to think and act like a brand dramaturg. Basically, the session is designed for brand, marketing and communication experts, both working in agencies or in marketing departments. Of course, the workshop is also open to those who are just interested in the topic. The entire session deals with the key question of ‘How to transfer narrative thinking into the world of brands and communication?’ Since storytelling is an old hat in the field of advertising, this session digs deeper and provides new perspectives on narration. The session will be structured as follows:

1st: Intro: What are the essential ingredients we are working with? [15 min]

2nd: Interactive Session No 1: Narrative Brand Management – How to define a brand’s identity in an uncommon way by using the concept of conflict? [45 min]

3rd: Interactive Session No 2: Strategic Story Conception – How to create a communication brief by developing a strategic storyline? [45 min]

4th: Outro: Feedback and Q&A’s [15 min]